Organizing a Housewarming Party for a Retired Person

Retirement 4With some regularity, men and women who’ve retired or are heading into their Golden Years elect to purchase a different home for retirement. In some instances, these people want to downsize. In other situations, they want to live in a different community. Others still venture to retirement communities.  

If you have a family member or friend who is or has retired, and is moving into a new or different residence, you might want to consider organizing a housewarming party on their behalf. While there are many older people who embark on planning housewarming parties on their own, a good many others need a nudge or at least appreciate the assistance in pulling together a gathering to socially inaugurate their new homes. With this in mind, there are some strategies and thoughts to bear in mind when it comes to organizing a vibrant housewarming party for family member or friend with a new residence.

Coordinate a Housewarming Party with a Retired New Home Owner

One strategy you can take when it comes to a housewarming party for a retired person is to coordinate such an event with that individual. As mentioned previously, many older people balk at planning a housewarming party for a number of reasons.  

With a little encouragement, and a helping hand, an older individual who might not move forward with a housewarming party very well may become interested in planning and hosting such an event. You might even consider approaching a person who just moved with the idea of “giving a housewarming gift” that is actually helping pull the event together. In so many ways, that will prove to be a truly valuable and appreciated housewarming gift.


Stealthy Plan a Surprise House Warming Celebration  

Another course you can consider taking is planning a surprise housewarming celebration for a friend or family member who is heading into his or her Golden Years with a new home. Of course, you need to be certain that your friend or family member is a kind of person who would welcome the idea of a surprise.  

There also is the need for some pretty complicated coordination, when it comes to a surprise housewarming event. This type of gathering usually works best when it involves a person you know very well. You certainly need to have good bearing on that individual’s schedule and how you might go about setting up a celebration at the residence in a manner that allows for a meaningful surprise.


There Housewarming Party for a Retired Person

You might want to consider organizing a theme housewarming party for a retired person with a new residence. This type of endeavor nearly always will prove easier that a surprise event. In addition, it might even end up easier than trying to coordinate a housewarming gathering with the retired homeowner.  

Odds are there are a number of different theme ideas that would be appreciated by your friend or family member with a new residence. For example, depending on the time of year, you might want to select some type of seasonal theme.  

Perhaps the new homeowner has often spoken about traveling to a particular location. You certainly can base the theme of a housewarming party of the idea of a trip to a particular destination.


Potluck Dinner Celebration

A truly enjoyable way to assist a retired person in throwing a housewarming party is to organize a potluck dinner celebration. You can approach this type of event in a number of different ways.  

First, you can assign different menu items to different individuals. Second, you can arrange for the main course to be prepared and ask guests to bring their favorite side dishes and appetizers. Finally, you can have something of a dessert potluck. You can ask guests to bring their favorite dessert to the celebration.  

Keep in mind that potlucks do not need to be consigned to evening meals only. For example, as a housewarming event, you can consider hosing a brunch. You really can follow some of the same ideas used in a potluck housewarming dinner for brunch .


Catered Event

Finally, if you and the retired new homer have the resources, you can consider organizing a more upscale, classy catered event at the new residence. You will find that you have a considerable amount of flexibility in this regard. You can select from a myriad of cuisines. In addition, you will be able to find catering options in a number of different price ranges, depending on what the budgeting needs are for a particular housewarming event.




Jessica Kane is a writer for Silver Superstore, home of the internet’s best flatware.


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