Compelling Benefits to Elderly People of Adding a Fence to the Residence


When people reach their Golden Years, their homes become ever more important. Yes, older people may travel more frequently than was possible earlier in life. Yes, older people are able to enjoy more activities than was possible previously. Nonetheless, as people age, the home becomes an important space. The natural tendency to “nest” becomes intense in some cases as a person advances in age. Recognizing the growing importance of a residence to people as they age, there at unique benefits that can be derived by adding fencing to a home at this juncture in life.


Increased Property Value  

As is the case for most people, including men and women in their Golden Years, a home is the most important investment and asset owned. For this reason, older people need to be vigilant in taking steps that are designed to enhance the value of a residence. One step that should be considered by an older homeowner to increase the value of a residence is to add a fence.

The addition of a new fence at a residence ups the curb appeal of the property. Sharp curb appeal is a major consideration when it comes to selling a home. Indeed, in the absence of strong curb appeal, a person desiring to sell a home loses potential buyers before they even set foot in the residence.  

Whether an older person has any thought about selling a residence in the not too distant future, the day will come eventually when the property being sold or changing hands will occur. For example, a retired person my ultimately decide to see a residence and more into a retirement community. When making this step, it is vital for a person to be able to get the most money for a residence. The addition of fence provides a step in the direction of increasing market value.


Enhanced Security  

Security is important for people of all ages. In reality, as a people age, their bodies become less agile. Strength wanes, at least to some degree. In addition, older people are targeted by criminal predators.

Another benefit to an older person of adding a fence to a residence is enhanced security. There is a myriad of options available to an older homeowner when it comes to quality fencing. For example, there are fences that are designed with a direct focus on security enhancement. Some of these fences feature a variety of supplemental security options that provide all around better protection to the occupants of a residence.  

When questioned, experienced criminals nearly uniformly state that they will bypass a residence comes complete with a sturdy, all encompassing fence. These miscreants theorize that if a homeowner is going to add a strong fence to the premises, that individual is going to have other security devices in place as well.


Improved Privacy  

Perhaps when a person is in his or her Golden Years, a home really does become a retreat. Another of the primary benefits associated with adding a fence to an older person’s home is improved privacy.  

There is no need to have outsiders gawking into a person’s property. Consider extending a fence to encircle the front of the premises as well. By doing so, a person adds a compelling level of privacy to the front of a home. The front yard becomes even more usable thanks to the added level of privacy contributed to the premises by a new fence.


Cost Effective Addition  

When it comes to adding a fence to a residence, an older person has a broad selection of options to chose from, in a wide range of prices. In other words, people in their Golden Years have the ability to select a fence that financially makes the most sense. In fact, a person can get a high quality fence and not break the bank in the process.


Do-It-Yourself or Hire a Professional

Some older people have the skills, physical ability, and time to embark on a do-it-yourself fence installation. The majority of older Americans hire a professional to install a fence at their homes. Fence installation is one project that can be done as a DIY home improvement project are by retaining a professional contractor It is not the kind of home improvement project that absolutely requires a professional.

An older homeowner can also take a combination approach to the installation of a fence. For example, a retired individual can design how the fencing is to look. Armed with this information, a fence installation contract can work closely with a homeowner to realize his or her dream.




Jessica Kane is a writer for Viking Fence, the number on fence rental company in Houston.


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