Affordable Exterior Improvement Projects for the Young Home Owner

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In the United States, the first major investment a younger adult makes is the purchase of what oftentimes is called a starter home. Throughout life, the primary investment in nearly anyone’s life is the home.


Once a younger adult purchases a home, he or she may have the desire to enhance the exterior of the residence. There are a number of affordable strategies that can be employed to improve the exterior of a residence.


It’s All About the Paint  

A very basic home improvement effort you can undertake to enhance the look of a home’s exterior is a fresh coat of paint. This can be an ideal exterior home improvement project for a younger homeowner for a number of reasons.

First, a new coat of paint on the exterior of a residence is a relatively low cost project. A young homeowner, with a restrictive budget, doesn’t have to expend a proverbial arm and leg to purchase the materials to accomplish the task.

Second, a young homeowner very well may elect to undertake the project on his or her own. This is a do it yourself home improvement project that doesn’t require a tremendous amount of experience or training. Taking the do it yourself approach is also an avenue by which a younger homeowner is able to save money on an exterior home improvement project.


Something as Easy as Shutters

If a young homeowner is seeking an easier and affordable exterior improvement project for his or her residence, the addition of shutters can be a great option. A homeowner is presented with tremendous latitude when it comes to shutters.  

There is a great diversity when it comes to shutter design and materials. In addition, shutters available for installation on a residence come in a broad range of prices. Consider both selection and cost, the statement that “there is something for everyone” is a fair, accurate assessment.  

As is the case with painting, the installation of shutters is a task that many younger homeowners elect to do on their own. This is a fairly straightforward do it yourself home improvement project.


Concrete Repair and Enhancement  

Many residences in the United States, and elsewhere, are fronted by concrete driveways and complimented with concrete sidewalks and other walkways. While concrete drives and walkways are appealing when new, the reality is that over time, they chip, crack, and flake. Although these drives and walkways are likely structurally sound when these types of defects initially exhibit themselves, these damages render drives and walkways unattractive and unappealing. They truly detract from a residence and even lower the market value of a home.  

Replacing concrete drives and walkways can be an expensive proposition. However, undertaken repair on chips, cracks, and flecking can be an affordable proposition. There exists an array of products that can be utilized to address the problems and serve to prevent further damage to concrete.


Consider Gutter Replacement

Gutters on residences are oftentimes overlooked. The reality is that gutters in good repair are a must when it comes to maintain the overall structural integrity of a home. When gutters are not in good condition, water ends up draining downward along the walls of a residence. This negatively impacts not only the walls of a residence, but the foundation and basement as well (if a home has a basement). Repairing this type of structural damage can be costly.  

As with the other exterior home improvement projects suggested in this article, there are gutter options available to a younger property owner in a fairly broad range of prices. Thus, a homeowner is able to find new gutters for a residence that fit within an established budget.


Install Solar Panels

Another home exterior improvement to consider is one that enhances the overall functionality and value of a residence. Solar panels can be a valuable addition to a residence, and can be accomplished in a financially reasonable manner.  

A young homeowner who elects to install solar panels is able to access financial incentives in the form of tax credits and other benefits. These incentives and benefits work to reduce the cost associated with installing solar panels on the exterior of a residence.  

In this day and age, the presence of solar panels also increases the market value of a residence. In addition, a good percentage of people on the market to buy a home respond favorably to solar panels on a residence. Finally, solar panels on a residence lower home energy costs and result in a smaller carbon footprint.




Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Scaffold Store, the favorite and trusted scaffold supplier of the largest contractors.



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