5 Practical Tips to Create the Ideal Man Cave


If you are contemplating creating a man cave in your home, you need not expend a tremendous amount of time and money to build your space. There are some rather simple and definitely practical tips you can utilize to create the perfect man cave in your home.


Rustic Look with Brick


If you have exposed brick in the space in which you want to put your man cave, you already are ahead of the game. Exposed brick conveys a comfortable look and feel. It almost gives you the impression of being in a rustic log cabin or some other type of retreat — which is precisely a primary objective of your man cave.


If the space intended for your man cave doesn’t already have exposed brick, you can add some to the space to achieve the comfortable, rustic effect mentioned a moment ago. For example, you can go so far as to add brick to an entire wall. In the alternative, you can take even a simpler course and create a brick entranceway into your man cave for the rustic effect.


Style and Comfort


Balancing style and comfort in a man cave can prove to be a challenging task. Indeed, more than a few interior designers have remarked that they have found it challenging to balance style and comfort when it comes to their very own man caves.


The arcade themed man cave underscores why and how harmonizing style and comfort can be a challenge. Truly developing an arcade themed man cave results in a room with a truly interesting style and look.


However, an arcade isn’t known for being a particularly comfortable destination where you can sit around, watch a movie, and enjoy a brew. Thus, there needs to be some style accommodations in order to make the man cave comfortable. The arcade theme is not the only one that requires this type of weighing, balancing, and modification to ensure that style and comfort come together in an appropriate manner.


The Iconic Arcade


Many a man cave garners inspiration from different areas of a man’s life. This is a primary reason why sport’s themed man caves are so popular. It is also why arcade themed man caves are gaining in popularity as well.


As mentioned a moment ago, developing an iconic arcade themed man cave does require some effort to ensure that the final result is also highly comfortable. With that said, otherwise outfitting an arcade themed man cave can be a relatively easy and enjoyable endeavor.


You can outfit an iconic man cave by placing a vintage pinball machine, a pool table, and a dart board. When it comes to vintage pinball machines, there are innumerable options available to you. For example, there are different types of era-specific pinball machines from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s that make perfect additions to a man cave.


You can fill out an arcade themed man cave with a solid entertainment center. In addition, you can enhance the comfort level with inviting couches and other chairs. The space can be rounded out with a bar, a wet bar being even more compelling.


Using Existing Architecture to Create a Unique Space


You need not undertake an architectural face life to create a unique man cave. Rather, you absolutely can work with what you have already in place in this regard.


A discussion of taking advantage of existing exposed brick is an example of taking advantage of existing architectural attributes to uniquely design your man cave. You can do the same with other attributes. An existing skylight provides a solid example.


You can decorate the ceiling in your man cave in such a manner that the skylight provides a unique centerpiece. By coordinating other design elements around an existing skylight, you truly will create a unique, compelling man cave.


Man Cave as Sports Bar


Yet another trek you can take in designing and developing your man cave is to create something a sports bar. The sports bar theme can prove to be a bit more expensive than some other options. However, you will end up with a man cave that will be the talk of your buddies.


The starting point in a sports bar themed man cave is nearly always the installation of a wet bar. You will also want to add such things as a solid entertainment center. Adding arcade items like a pinball machine and pool table represent another step you will want to take to more fully flesh out the sports bar theme.




Jessica Kane is a writer for The Pinball Company, the best online source for new, used, and refurbished pinball machines, arcade cabinets, and more!


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