A Look at the Best Residential Front Door Options

Pink-front-doorThe selection of a residential front door is a major consideration for a homeowner. The stark reality is that a front door is much more than a slab of wood. A trio of primary factors come into play in choosing the most appropriate front door for a home:



  • security


  • appearance


  • cost




With this in mind, there are a number of residential front door options that satisfy these key factors in different ways. Wood remains one of the most common materials to create a residential front door. With that point noted, a residential door made of wood typically is an addition to a home that smartly designed and well crafted.


Timber or Wood Front Doors


As mentioned a moment ago, a residential front door is much more than a slab of wood.

A timber or wood front door can provide meaningful security at a residence, depending on the type of wood utilized. Hard wood is recommended over softer options or many composites. Not all composites are created equally. Thus, there are some wood composite front doors that are more substantial than others.


In this day and age, many people in the United States have fairly broad access to an array of different types of wood for use in a residential front door. This includes wood options that are not grown or cultivated locally.


The broad availability of different types of wood, coupled with a tremendous spectrum of paint and stain that can be used on a front door, results in a multitude of design concepts for a front door.


Finally, timber and wood doors come in a broad price range. The spectrum includes highly affordable wood door options to others that are at the high-end of the cost scale. In other words, there is something for anyone when it comes to timber or wood residential front door options. As an aside, wood doors typically require more maintenance and upkeep than do other options. This includes the recurring need to re-staining or re-painting a timber or wood front door.


Aluminum Doors


Aluminum is relatively widely utilized in residential settings. Aluminum is used in elements of a home that include windows, curtain walls, partitions, and doors. This includes residential front doors.


Aluminum front doors provide an enhancement of home security. This type of front door is difficult to penetrate and is a decent deterrent to a home invader or other miscreant.


Aluminum front doors come in a myriad of design options. Many aluminum front doors have a sleek appearance, something of a modern presentation. This type of door can add to the overall curb appeal of a residence.


Finally, aluminum doors are affordable options. A homeowner need only make a moderate investment to add an aluminum front door to a residence. In addition, this type of door is highly durable and does not need replacement for an extended period of time. The durability of such a door makes it a particular cost effective selection.


Wrought Iron Front Doors


Yet another option for residential front doors is wrought iron. Wrought iron front doors represent a truly compelling option for a home owner.


Overall, a wrought iron front door is at the top of the list when it comes to residential security. Wrought iron front doors provide a truly solid line of defense when it comes to home security.


Wrought iron front doors are highly attractive, very stylish. These types of front doors lend a true sense of elegance to a home. If a homeowner so desires, he or she can elect to have a wrought iron front door custom made.


Wrought iron front doors are at the upper end of the price spectrum. Having said, these doors are made of material that literally is designed to last a lifetime. They are also low maintenance. Consequently, although the initial investment outpaces many other options, a wrought iron front door pays for itself over time when it comes to replacement and maintenance expenses.


Glass Doors


Glass doors tend to be more often used on the rear of a residence. For example, these doors provide marvelous passageways from the interior of a residence to a patio. With some regularity, glass doors are also used on the front of home as well.


Without some type of additional security features, a glass front door is not the most solid addition to a residential front line of defense. Oftentimes a glass front door will be augmented with wrought iron.


What a glass door may be lacking in security it makes up for in some ways in the form of style, design, and appearance. Time and again, a glass front door proves highly stylish.


Front glass door options come in a fairly broad price range, including some that are quite affordable. Maintenance associated with glass front doors isn’t particularly significant. On the other hand, they are prone to damage, giving rise to a need for more frequent replacement.




Jessica Kane is a writer for Nick’s Building Supply, Inc., the best place for custom made or replacement front doors online. 

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