Refreshing Kids Treat Recipes for Summer

child-1840067_1920It’s no secret kids adore the warm summer months. With school out of session and delicious produce in season, it’s easier than ever to prepare foods that your kids will eat with a smile. Serving up summer treats will keep your little ones fueled up for fun in the sun. The following recipes are sure to satisfy any kid’s appetite, while providing them with the nutrition they need.

Mango Yogurt Popsicles

It’s worth noting that many of the treats on this list are fairly easy to make. That doesn’t just mean they’ll help you save time. It also means you might want to consider getting the kids involved in prepping them. Experts point out that children who help out in the kitchen enjoy a range of benefits, from developing useful skills to expanding their palates.

This is an easy recipe to start them out on. All you need to do is peel and dice two mangoes. After you have, fill the bottom of popsicle molds (you can simply be small plastic cups with popsicle sticks for handles if you don’t have any molds) with yogurt and freeze for at least 30 minutes. 

In the meantime, combine the mangoes with the juice from one orange in a food processor. Then, create a syrup by stirring about ¾ cup of water with ¾ cup of sugar in a saucepan over medium-high heat until the mixture reaches a boil. Reduce to a simmer, wait about four minutes, then combine the syrup with the mango-orange mixture in the food processor. 

Put the mixture in the refrigerator and let it cool. Once it has, pour it into the popsicles molds and place back in the freezer, leaving them there until thoroughly frozen. When they are, remove them. You may need to dip the popsicles into a bowl of warm water (don’t submerge them all the way!) to loosen them enough that you can remove them from the molds.

Lemon Ice

Lemon ice is a classic summer treat that’s literally been around for thousands of years! Making your own is one of the best ways to appreciate just how refreshing this dessert can be.

It’s also not difficult at all. Start by mixing three cups of water with one cup of sugar in a saucepan until the mixture starts to boil. Boil uncovered for about five minutes, stirring frequently until the sugar has dissolved. Once it has, remove the pan from the heat, and stir in one cup of lemon juice and one tablespoon grated lemon zest. Pour into a baking pan and freeze uncovered for one hour, then cover the mixture and freeze for at least an additional two hours. Remove when it’s firm and serve in the cups of your choice.

Strawberry Lemonade

Summer treats should also include beverages. After all, your kids need to stay hydrated when playing out in the warm summer sun.

This strawberry lemonade recipe ensures they will. To make it, purée a pint of fresh strawberries in a blender with two teaspoons of sugar. In two glasses (adjust the recipe measurements depending on how many children you’re serving), add three tablespoons each of the strawberry purée, along with four tablespoons of sugar and four tablespoons of lemon juice. Add seltzer water for a little fizz. The result? A delicious summer beverage your kids will love!

Remember, making sure your children have a healthy and happy summer doesn’t need to be as demanding as you might think. These easy-to-make recipes will save you time while impressing your kids. That makes summer more enjoyable for everyone.

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