4 Essential Personal Branding Tips

BrandingThe importance of branding cannot be understated. If you are a professional, if you are an entrepreneur or otherwise in business for yourself, you need to develop your own personal brand. Once you create a personal brand, you need to develop strategies to maintain it and enhance it as time goes on. Appreciating what is involved in personal branding, there are four essential tips that you need to bear in mind.


What is a Personal Brand?

A personal brand is a mechanism through which people remember you. A personal brand is more than a logo, trademark, or some other type of designed embellishment. Rather, a personal brand is the sum total of how you personally present yourself in a business or professional setting. Your business, or one with which you are associated, has its own brand. You personal brand builds you and your business. Despite this duality, your personal brand always focuses on your as an individual.


Stand Out

When considering your personal brand, you need to keep your eyes and mind focused on coming up with concepts that make you stand out. By indicating that you need to come up with a brand concept that permits you to stand out, you don’t want the final result to be branding that is garish or overpowering. Thus, when working on your personal branding ideas, when you think of stand out, consider that to mean stand apart.

No matter the underlying motivation or necessity for a personal brand, the fact is that a prime reason for pursuing this type of branding is to obtain an edge over the competition, both for yourself and your business. Thus, while you can consider what other individuals similarly situated to you are doing in regard to personal branding, you must not mimic the concepts pursued by others. Indeed, in doing comparison research, you need to make note of what not to do in light of what others are doing.  

On a related note, when it comes to developing a personal brand that stands out, you are not only attempting to distinguish yourself among competitors. Rather, your personal brand is also intended to aid you in standing out among people within your business as well (assuming that you are not the owner).


Convey Your Story

Another essential element associated with personal branding is the need to convey your story, not the story of your business or professional endeavors. Your business, your professional endeavors represent only part, but certainly not all, of who you are.

Conveying your story has two parts. First, your brand needs to compelling that it captures the interest of others and makes them want to hear and read about your. Second, and perhaps even more importantly, your story needs to be so compelling that it motivates others to share it. In many ways that represents ultimate success in personal branding when other people begin not merely “singing your praises,” but begin to relay the sum and substance of your story to others.


Utilize a Core Concept

When you are developing your personal brand, you cannot be diffuse and scattered in that process. You need to recognize a core concept that best recognizes what you want to be at the heart of your personal brand.

For example, if you are an attorney that is developing a personal brand, examples of meaningful core concepts might include honesty, tenacity, fighter, and other traits possessed by a lawyer and of value to a client.


Substance Over Style — Always

Finally, when developing your own personal brand, you must always put substance over style. For example, the first step you take in developing your personal brand should not be designing a logo. In many cases, an individual embarking on developing a personal brand comes up with a logo as the first step in the process.

The reason this is not typically a proper first step in developing a personal brand is that a logo presented at the outset would lack meaning. A logo at this juncture literally would be style over substance, rather than the other way around.

Once you establish essential substance around your self and brand, you can then embark on creating a meaningful logo. Moreover, once a logo is backed up by substance, it can be used as a means of enhancing your brand. You can even incorporate your logo on items used to present and promote your brand, including items like custom USB flash drives or other items that you can convey to others as tools to remember and recognize you and your personal brand.




Jessica Kane is a writer for Every USB, where you can create your very own custom usb drive for your brand or company.


7 Part Time Business Ideas You Can Start in Your Spare Time


If you are like many people, you may have an interest in earning more money. As a result, you may be pondering what you might be able to do in the way of a part time business you can start in your spare time.


As an aside, you may also have an interest in starting a part time business in your spare time that is capable of growing into something larger. Noting these possible objectives, there are seven part time business ideas you can start in your spare time.


Social Media Posts for Businesses


Businesses of all types have come to understand the important of developing a social media presence. The reality is that many businesses don’t have the time or an understanding of what to do to launch and maintain an effective social media endeavor.


One business you can launch and run on a part time basis in your spare time is creating social media posts for businesses. You may find that there is a decent number of businesses that are interested in your services. Over time, you may end up with more clients that desire this type of assistance than you ever imagined.


Personal Assistant


A second part time business idea that you can launch in your spare time is that of a personal assistant. A growing number of entrepreneurs are turning to virtual personal assistants as a means of getting help and support for at least some of the tasks they need to undertake as part of running their enterprises.


You certainly can be a real world personal assistant on a part time basis. However, you might also want to take the virtual approach. This makes working as a personal assistant a more convenient proposition. This particularly is helpful when you want to undertake this on a part time basis, in your spare time.


Pet Services


A majority of people have pets. A majority of people work. The combination of these two realities renders it challenging for a pet owner to tend to everything that must be done for their companion animals.


One part time business idea that you can launch in your spare time is providing some type of pet services. There is a myriad of different types of pet services that you can consider. They range from everything from dog walking to pet sitting to “poop” removal.


Baking or Cooking


If you have a flare for baking or cooking, this is a skillset that you can turn into a part time business you can start and then run in your spare time. As is the case with pet services, there are a variety of different options to you when it comes to baking or cooking.


Returning to the reality that many people have hectic lives, and little time to tend to the affairs of the home, hiring someone to prepare meals on a regular basis can prove to be a godsend. This is one area in which you can find a nice in this particular area of the marketplace. Other baking and cooking possibilities include baked goods, health food items, and similar products.


You might also consider catering in a small scale, part time basis. A smaller catering operation allows you to get your foot in the door should you elect to do something more substantial in the future.


Freelance Writing


Thousands of people across the United States engage in freelance writing on a part time basis and in their spare time. If you have solid writing skills, this is another avenue you might want to pursue when you are interesting in starting a part time business venture in your spare time.




Many people, in all levels of school, require additional assistance when it comes to getting a handle on their coursework. A part time business that you can start in your free time is tutoring. Odds are that there is a particular subject matter that you have an aptitude. In addition, there is also likely an educational level that you have a stronger desire to tutor. By focusing on these considerations, you can develop a select tutoring niche and being working with students, even online.


Personal Trainer


A final idea that you might want to consider as a part time business you can start in your spare time is becoming a personal trainer. You must have the proper skillset for this type of business, of course. If that exists, you actually have a considerable amount of flexibility in working as a personal trainer.





Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who focuses on personal finance and other money matters. She currently writes for Checkworks.com, where you can get personal checks and business checks.