A Parent’s Guide To Cooking Vegetarian Foods For Kids

FruitToddlers can go through phases where you just can’t get them to eat what’s on their plate. Sometimes they make a face when you serve them veggies, and sometimes they push away a plate that has meat on it. Don’t worry! Your child will not go hungry or miss out on the nutrition they need as a growing child. 


A vegetarian diet is a healthy way to eat. It is easier now more than ever to feed someone who doesn’t eat meat because of all of the meatless options available to us. Parents should know that their child may just be a picky eater and outgrow their “no meat” phase, but if not, here are some simple tips for feeding your vegetarian.

Don’t Stress

There are different types of vegetarians, and many reasons why your child might not want to eat meat, including a love for animals and their environment. Ask your child if there is a specific reason for not eating meat and discuss what it means. Tell them you will work with them to make sure they still have a healthy diet and are getting enough calories throughout the day.


Know What Kids Should be Eating 

Vegetarians should be eating dairy products, eggs and bread for vitamin B12, which is essential for growth and development. And although we think of eating meat as the best way to get B12, eating other animal foods, such as eggs, milk and cheese, is also a great way to get this nutrient in a diet. If your child is hesitant to eat animal foods as well, you can try serving them B12 fortified cereals and soy milk. If this still doesn’t work, speak to your child’s pediatrician about getting a B12 supplement.


Don’t Forget Vitamin C

Iron intake isn’t a problem for kids who eat lots of produce, grains, dried fruits and cereals. But plant-based iron is not easily absorbed into the body, so it’s smart to serve food and drinks high in vitamin C with iron-rich meals. Pour a glass of orange juice when serving a bowl of cereal or add lemon to a glass of water. Adding broccoli or spinach as a side dish to a meal also helps.


Monitor Milk Consumption

Milk does a body good but drinking too much as a vegetarian can block iron absorption and cause your child to become full quickly, affecting how much she eats when food is served. Give your child enriched soy milk to see if they like it. It contains iron and will help with calcium intake. 


Keep Things Interesting

Today, there are so many meat replacements – from tofu and mushrooms to beans and eggplant. Grill up some veggie burgers for the whole family and set up a topping bar with all the fixings, or get out the chopsticks and fry up some vegan fried rice. 


Go Nuts 

Almonds. Cashews. Peanuts. Walnuts. Pecans. With so many varieties of nuts available, it’s easy to find a few that your child will like. They are easy to eat, and a great source of protein. Serve them mixed together or topped on a salad. 


Remember All the Food Groups 

As long as you create a nutrient-rich diet and include foods from all of the food groups, your child will continue to grow big and strong. If you feel that your child isn’t getting enough healthy meals, or you want to learn more about vegetarianism, speak to your child’s pediatrician. 


3 Paths to Success for a Female Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Concept With Young WomanFemale entrepreneurship is on the rise, which is great news if you’re a woman planning on growing a business. Having other women in your network can help you reach your goals more efficiently.


That said, it’s still important to create a plan for success when you launch a new venture.  According to Funding Circle, it’s important for all entrepreneurs to obtain funding, including female business owners.  You’re more likely to thrive if you take the time to develop a personal strategy for overcoming obstacles, which includes financial planning.


These following points will help. Whether you’re a serial entrepreneur working on your next project, or simply a mom starting a new business for the first time, be sure to keep them in mind.


Adopt a Growth Mindset


Your mindset can make or break your business. This is important to remember when starting one.


After all, odds are good you don’t have all the talents and knowledge, or even the funds  to make your business an overnight success. Your growth may be slow during its initial stages.

This causes some entrepreneurs to abandon their plans. Once they begin to encounter challenges, they assume they’ll never be able to reach the heights of success they once aimed for. 


Don’t fall prey to this attitude. It’s much smarter to adopt a growth mindset. Popularized by Dr. Carol Dweck, this involves believing you are capable of learning and developing the skills you may currently lack. It’s been shown that people (and entire businesses) who adapt this mindset are more likely to succeed than those who continue to believe their skills are permanently limited.


For instance, maybe you lack marketing prowess. This makes it difficult to find clients when launching a business, so instead of convincing yourself you’ll never be able to do anything about it, take advantage of the available resources (books, online courses, mentors, etc.) to build your marketing skills.


Be Proud


Society often encourages women to be modest from the time they are just children. While men are allowed to take pride in their accomplishments, women are made to feel that doing so is “wrong” in many cases.


This can prevent women from reaching the same degree of professional success as equally (or less) qualified men. Be aware of this problem when growing your business. Don’t let yourself believe there is something wrong with being proud of what you are doing. Running a business is hard work, and  you’ll feel much more comfortable pursuing major goals if you allow yourself to feel good about doing so.


Take Responsibility


It’s no secret that female entrepreneurs face many challenges their male counterparts don’t face. This isn’t fair, and needs to be addressed.


That doesn’t mean those challenges should give you an excuse to not try. By taking full responsibility for the success of your business, you’ll be more inclined to take action, instead of letting roadblocks convince you to give up.


Think of yourself as a role model for other female entrepreneurs. What kind of example do you want to set? Do you want to be someone who lets challenges stop them, or do you want to be someone who proves challenges can be overcome?


Growing a business as a woman isn’t solely about making money. It’s also about proving female entrepreneurs can contribute just as much to their industries as male business owners. These points will help you remember that.