3 Paths to Success for a Female Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Concept With Young WomanFemale entrepreneurship is on the rise, which is great news if you’re a woman planning on growing a business. Having other women in your network can help you reach your goals more efficiently.


That said, it’s still important to create a plan for success when you launch a new venture.  According to Funding Circle, it’s important for all entrepreneurs to obtain funding, including female business owners.  You’re more likely to thrive if you take the time to develop a personal strategy for overcoming obstacles, which includes financial planning.


These following points will help. Whether you’re a serial entrepreneur working on your next project, or simply a mom starting a new business for the first time, be sure to keep them in mind.


Adopt a Growth Mindset


Your mindset can make or break your business. This is important to remember when starting one.


After all, odds are good you don’t have all the talents and knowledge, or even the funds  to make your business an overnight success. Your growth may be slow during its initial stages.

This causes some entrepreneurs to abandon their plans. Once they begin to encounter challenges, they assume they’ll never be able to reach the heights of success they once aimed for. 


Don’t fall prey to this attitude. It’s much smarter to adopt a growth mindset. Popularized by Dr. Carol Dweck, this involves believing you are capable of learning and developing the skills you may currently lack. It’s been shown that people (and entire businesses) who adapt this mindset are more likely to succeed than those who continue to believe their skills are permanently limited.


For instance, maybe you lack marketing prowess. This makes it difficult to find clients when launching a business, so instead of convincing yourself you’ll never be able to do anything about it, take advantage of the available resources (books, online courses, mentors, etc.) to build your marketing skills.


Be Proud


Society often encourages women to be modest from the time they are just children. While men are allowed to take pride in their accomplishments, women are made to feel that doing so is “wrong” in many cases.


This can prevent women from reaching the same degree of professional success as equally (or less) qualified men. Be aware of this problem when growing your business. Don’t let yourself believe there is something wrong with being proud of what you are doing. Running a business is hard work, and  you’ll feel much more comfortable pursuing major goals if you allow yourself to feel good about doing so.


Take Responsibility


It’s no secret that female entrepreneurs face many challenges their male counterparts don’t face. This isn’t fair, and needs to be addressed.


That doesn’t mean those challenges should give you an excuse to not try. By taking full responsibility for the success of your business, you’ll be more inclined to take action, instead of letting roadblocks convince you to give up.


Think of yourself as a role model for other female entrepreneurs. What kind of example do you want to set? Do you want to be someone who lets challenges stop them, or do you want to be someone who proves challenges can be overcome?


Growing a business as a woman isn’t solely about making money. It’s also about proving female entrepreneurs can contribute just as much to their industries as male business owners. These points will help you remember that.

The Best Foods to Eat After a Hike


These are the Foods to Refuel and Re-Energize After a Trek

Hiking can be one of the best hobbies to take up. It offers good, low impact exercise like walking, with minimal equipment – all you need are supportive sneakers! You also get to do it at scenic outdoor locations that add to the enjoyment of the experience. Not only that, but the varying terrain on some trails can make things a little more challenging and more interesting than a walk around the block.

When preparing for a day on the trail, many of us pay a lot of attention to what to eat before a hike. This is important because your body needs fuel for the workout that comes with hiking. With that being said, so much attention goes to what to eat before and during a hike that many of us fail to consider the types of food we need afterward. 

A good hike consumes a lot of energy and it works out different muscles. When the hike is done, you need to think about replenishing your body’s fuel supplies and eating foods that can help your body recover from a day of hard work and exercise.

When You Finish

At the end of a hike, the first thing you want to do is rehydrate your body. You should definitely bring water on the trail and drink throughout the day, but your body will still need some water at the end of the day. A good recommendation is to drink about eight ounces of water in the first half-hour after the hike. 

To get the best recovery result, you should eat something in the first half-hour after a hike. Research has shown that muscles are more receptive to glycogen resynthesis within the first 30 minutes after exercise. Eating a granola bar or some tuna and crackers can be a good way to start refueling your body at the end of a hike.

When planning your post-hike meal, you want to focus on protein and complex carbohydrates. For carbohydrates, consider foods like pasta, whole wheat bread, a sweet potato or brown rice. For protein, look for foods like lean meat, chicken, tuna, salmon, turkey, eggs or yogurt. You will also want to add some fruits and vegetables to your plate to help restore some of the nutrients that you consumed or sweated out during your hike.

The Next Day

You are probably feeling pretty good about the workout you got the day before and the fact that you made the right food choices afterward. However, this is not the time to overindulge. Your body is still in recovery the next day, so you still need to make smart choices concerning your meals.

When it comes to meals for the next day, look to many of the same foods on the list for your post-hike meal. You want proteins, complex carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables. Maybe a whole-wheat bagel with low-fat cream cheese or a cup of yogurt with a banana for breakfast. A turkey, chicken or tuna sandwich on wheat bread for lunch. At dinner, try to have a nice well-rounded meal that covers all of the food groups

When you choose the right foods after a hike, you provide your body with what it needs to refuel and recover. This will help you to recover faster from the day of activity and it will also maximize the benefits that come from hiking.