How to Start a Small Business When You’re a Parent with a Disability

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Are you ready to jump into a new venture? Being a parent is serious business in and of itself, but when you’re a mom or dad with a disability, getting a small business up and running can be a daunting task. Here is how to set yourself up for success.


Flexibility and Balance


Parenting is a demanding job, and parents with disabilities face unique challenges. How do you balance your career, your home life, and tending your personal needs in a way that is both satisfying and responsible? Being a small business owner can be the perfect solution. As The New York Times points out, becoming an entrepreneur allows people with disabilities to find independence, income, and flexibility. You can even work from home! As Angie’s List notes, though, you’ll need to make sure your home office is set up for “maximum productivity.” The site suggests eliminating distractions as much as possible (don’t put your desk in the kids’ playroom), illuminating it with natural light, and keeping ergonomic design in mind when selecting furniture. Be sure you choose pieces that accommodate your disability and will keep you comfortable throughout the workday.


Through owning your own business, you can achieve your financial and professional goals while scheduling comfortably around your capabilities, your family, personal needs, and other obligations.


What’s Your Niche?


The first thing you need to do is come up with the right business idea for you. Make sure to research trends and which startup ideas have the potential to make money.


Sometimes, great ideas pop into our minds without effort, and some are birthed through a process of sifting, sorting, and conceptualizing. If you aren’t sure of your direction, one suggestion is to look at your strengths, weaknesses, and lifestyle, and then start from there. Perhaps you can identify an issue your business can solve or a service you can provide. Make some notes to see if you find a trend. Then, narrow down your ideas until you find that happy place where there are customers AND a service or product you’d like to produce. That’s called your niche.


Do Some Brainstorming


Once you solidify the direction for your new venture, you can lay some groundwork. Starting your own small business is easier than it sounds. One of the first things you need to do is choose a name for your new venture. Many people get bogged down selecting a business name, but Inc. points out your time is better spent making money, so pick a name and jump in!  Some experts suggest thinking in terms of something that tells people what you do, which will make your brand readily recognizable. Some experts suggest you use a business-naming tool. A well-chosen brand gives your business credibility and provides an emotional connection with your target audience. It gives your customers and employees something to believe in and generates loyalty.


Connect with the Government


Once you decide on a name, you may need to connect with the government. If you will employ other people or will partner with someone else, you will need an Employee Identification Number (EIN). Some locations also require you to register your business name, and some require a business license. Check in with your county or city government for guidelines.


Evaluate Your Finances


As they say, it takes money to make money. You need to take a realistic look at your financial situation to see if you have enough funds or if you will need to apply for loans or grants for your new venture. Some professionals recommend overestimating your need, since many new businesses run out of funding before they can start turning a profit. A small business loan is a practical solution, and there are some wonderful grants and funding opportunities from various organizations specifically oriented toward people with disabilities.


Independence Can Be Yours!


Starting a new business can be the effective and smart solution for parents with disabilities, so lay a great foundation to ensure your success. Through your own business venture, you can pursue flexibility and independence for a balanced and fulfilling life. If you’re doubting yourself, go here and be inspired! There’s a vibrant, passionate community waiting for you with open arms.

7 Part Time Business Ideas You Can Start in Your Spare Time


If you are like many people, you may have an interest in earning more money. As a result, you may be pondering what you might be able to do in the way of a part time business you can start in your spare time.


As an aside, you may also have an interest in starting a part time business in your spare time that is capable of growing into something larger. Noting these possible objectives, there are seven part time business ideas you can start in your spare time.


Social Media Posts for Businesses


Businesses of all types have come to understand the important of developing a social media presence. The reality is that many businesses don’t have the time or an understanding of what to do to launch and maintain an effective social media endeavor.


One business you can launch and run on a part time basis in your spare time is creating social media posts for businesses. You may find that there is a decent number of businesses that are interested in your services. Over time, you may end up with more clients that desire this type of assistance than you ever imagined.


Personal Assistant


A second part time business idea that you can launch in your spare time is that of a personal assistant. A growing number of entrepreneurs are turning to virtual personal assistants as a means of getting help and support for at least some of the tasks they need to undertake as part of running their enterprises.


You certainly can be a real world personal assistant on a part time basis. However, you might also want to take the virtual approach. This makes working as a personal assistant a more convenient proposition. This particularly is helpful when you want to undertake this on a part time basis, in your spare time.


Pet Services


A majority of people have pets. A majority of people work. The combination of these two realities renders it challenging for a pet owner to tend to everything that must be done for their companion animals.


One part time business idea that you can launch in your spare time is providing some type of pet services. There is a myriad of different types of pet services that you can consider. They range from everything from dog walking to pet sitting to “poop” removal.


Baking or Cooking


If you have a flare for baking or cooking, this is a skillset that you can turn into a part time business you can start and then run in your spare time. As is the case with pet services, there are a variety of different options to you when it comes to baking or cooking.


Returning to the reality that many people have hectic lives, and little time to tend to the affairs of the home, hiring someone to prepare meals on a regular basis can prove to be a godsend. This is one area in which you can find a nice in this particular area of the marketplace. Other baking and cooking possibilities include baked goods, health food items, and similar products.


You might also consider catering in a small scale, part time basis. A smaller catering operation allows you to get your foot in the door should you elect to do something more substantial in the future.


Freelance Writing


Thousands of people across the United States engage in freelance writing on a part time basis and in their spare time. If you have solid writing skills, this is another avenue you might want to pursue when you are interesting in starting a part time business venture in your spare time.




Many people, in all levels of school, require additional assistance when it comes to getting a handle on their coursework. A part time business that you can start in your free time is tutoring. Odds are that there is a particular subject matter that you have an aptitude. In addition, there is also likely an educational level that you have a stronger desire to tutor. By focusing on these considerations, you can develop a select tutoring niche and being working with students, even online.


Personal Trainer


A final idea that you might want to consider as a part time business you can start in your spare time is becoming a personal trainer. You must have the proper skillset for this type of business, of course. If that exists, you actually have a considerable amount of flexibility in working as a personal trainer.





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