How To Find Time For Fitness As A Busy Mom

adult-cutting-daylight-facial-expression-1153369Finding time to work out is already a challenge for many people. Throw children into the situation, and making time for fitness can seem almost impossible.


This is an understandable feeling to have as a mother. However, it’s important to remember that taking care of your body is key to taking care of yourself. Additionally, finding time for fitness doesn’t need to be as difficult as it may seem. Just keep the following helpful tips in mind:

Get Started Early

All mothers know the average day can be hectic. Along with all the responsibilities and tasks you plan on devoting a day to, inevitably, new responsibilities arise.


That’s why it’s a good idea to try to schedule workout sessions in the early morning. This allows you to prioritize fitness before your schedule gets thrown into disarray. It’s also worth noting that exercising in the early morning tends to benefit most people, and not just mothers. That’s simply because there are fewer distractions during these hours. That makes it easier to truly focus on your workout. It thus yields better results.

Use Your Free Time Wisely

It’s already been established that you’re a busy person. That said, odds are good you have some free time throughout the day. Whenever possible, use this time to exercise.


For example, maybe you typically spend your lunch break playing mobile games or browsing social media. You could instead use this time for a brisk walk, or even a run. You should know that walking every day has been shown to guard against stress, which is obviously important for a mother.

Get Creative at the Park

If your children are young, there’s a good chance you occasionally visit the park or participate in similar activities together. This is also time that could be devoted to fitness. While you want to make sure you keep an eye on your children, if you have someone else there helping you watch them, you could easily exercise while they are playing.

Check Your Schedule

Simply assuming you don’t have time to exercise is a good way to end up never working out. Make a point of reviewing your schedule for a few weeks to truly determine how you’re spending your time. It’s highly likely you’ll find instances where you could accomplish key tasks more efficiently. This of course will free up more time for fitness.

Be Consistent, But Gentle

Committing to fitness involves incorporating it into your routine. Eventually, your goal is to work out at basically the same time every week.


However, you’re only a human being. Sometimes your schedule doesn’t work out the way you expected. Sometimes you’re tired, or sick, or stressed.
Don’t get frustrated with yourself if there are times you need to skip a workout. Remember, fitness is about taking care of yourself. That involves being gentle with yourself (and wearing comfortable sneakers!). If you’re willing to accept this, you’re more likely to find time to exercise.


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